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Moses made a fiery brass serpent, and set it on a pole so that everyone who was a sinner, when he saw it, should live.  And as Moses lifted up the brass serpent in the wilderness, so was Jesus the Messiah lifted up so that everyone who is a sinner and believes in Jesus will not perish, but have eternal life.


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Stop the Slaughter of Babies

Stop the Slaughter of Babies graphically shows the number of babies being slaughtered in America on a daily basis. The raw number of babies dying, and rarely being reported in the news like Sandy Hook was, is absolutely horrifying. Sandy Hook should be an eye opener to us that it is time to Stop the Slaughter of Babies in America. The only way the slaughter can be stopped is for every single American to say “Never Again”.

Approaching the anniversary of Sandy Hook, we should remember the loss of those 20 babies at the hands of a violent gunman. But we should also remember the loss every single day of an additional 3304 babies at the hands of abortion doctors in America, and 109,589 babies lost every single day at the hands of abortion doctors worldwide.

The Slaughter of Babies Must be Stopped.

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Science has proven that each unique human life begins at the moment of fertilization when the father's sperm and the mother's egg are joined together to create a new, unique DNA that has never before existed, and can never again be independently created. Life is not magically granted to this new DNA further along it's development cycle, at some random point, such as three months, at birth, at one year, at eighteen years, at forty years, etc. The exact moment that each unique human life comes into existence is the moment of fertilization. The unique DNA of each individual human is created at that exact moment and it is this unique DNA code itself, written in chemicals, that grants to each human the absolute right to life. The right to life is written into the unique DNA of each human and cannot be taken away by any human actions, or even death. The DNA written right to life is a scientific fact.

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In the future, Mothers have legally achieved the natural right to abort their offspring up until the moment of viability. An Unborn is not considered legally viable until the 18th anniversary of their Entrance, or the day they left their mother's body. Until the moment of being Born, the mother has complete and 100% Choice on whether or not to abort her child. These abortions are done by nursing teams who use cattle thuds to terminate the Unborn. Summer dreams and longs for the day when she will be legally viable so that she will no longer have to worry about being aborted.

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Unborn Survivor: Geoff Chance is a small companion book to Unborn and tells of many of the same events from the viewpoint of Summer's boyfriend and fiance, Geoff Chance. Revealed also are Geoff's secrets, both the ones he revealed to Summer and the ones that he kept secret, even from her. These secrets change Geoff from the man of Summer's dreams into a survivor. Along the way, this book explains Geoff's choices, and how he could possibly have reached the point where he stood face to face with Summer in the Principal's office one day and did the unthinkable.

This book is a small fictional study in how good people reach the point where they do unspeakable evils. If you think that the Holocaust can never happen again in a civilized society, then you need to read this book. Right under our noses, unseen, and unnoticed by most of us, another Holocaust is talking place daily, in the hands of many who are, “just doing my job.”

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As the healthcare mandates kick-in, a surprised citizenry are imposed upon by a mandate that they knew nothing about. Pro-lifers gather in peaceful protest against the mandate that forces them to directly pay for the abortion murder of human babies. Other, more sinister forces also gather and plot to stop the pro-lifers from defending the rights of unborn babies. The War on Life starts with peace and continues with blood.

On the run for his life, framed and hunted by Homeland Security, Rick witnesses the war up front and personal. Dreaming only of a happy life with his eight month pregnant wife, Sarah, Rick watches helplessly as his dreams are dashed, and a country is torn to pieces.

Witnessing unbearable cruelty, and unbelievable courage, Rick fights the only way he can and still be pro-life, with the truth.

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Biografos: The Right to Life Written in Our DNA


Book 1 of the Unborn Trilogy

Unborn Survivor:

Geoff Chance

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Signs We Saw At the

March for Life 2014

By Gaius Famius

This is a small free eBook of news photos that we took at the 2014 March for Life in Washington, D.C.  Except for the introduction, it is purely a photo book.  All photos are original and were taken by Gaius Famius and Brass Serpent Productions.  We are providing this eBook free as a small supplement to the work of other news photographers at the event.

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100% Pro-Life and Royalty Free Proverbs and Sayings for use on Bumper Stickers, T-Shirts, Church Signs, Protest Signs, Email Signatures, Graphics, Church Bulletins, Newsletters, Church Signs, and other uses.

This collection of pro-life proverbs has been written by Gaius Famius to express many different facets of life in regards to being pro-life and anti-abortion.  Each proverb can stand on it's own, or in conjunction with other proverbs in the book.  Some will offend you.  Some will make you cry.  Some will make you smile or laugh.  All of them should make you  think.

If just one proverb in this book saves the life of just one

Unborn baby, then all of the work that has been put into

this book has been paid for.

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Pro-Life Proverbs Book 1

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