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Moses made a fiery brass serpent, and set it on a pole so that everyone who was a sinner, when he saw it, should live.  And as Moses lifted up the brass serpent in the wilderness, so was Jesus the Messiah lifted up so that everyone who is a sinner and believes in Jesus will not perish, but have eternal life.


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Pro-Life Proverbs Book 1

100% Pro-Life and Royalty Free Proverbs and Sayings for use on Bumper Stickers, T-Shirts, Church Signs, Protest Signs, Email Signatures, Graphics, Church Bulletins, Newsletters, Church Signs, and other uses.

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This collection of pro-life proverbs has been written by Gaius Famius to express many different facets of life in regards to being pro-life and anti-abortion.  Each proverb can stand on it's own, or in conjunction with other proverbs in the book.  Some will offend you.  Some will make you cry.  Some will make you smile or laugh.  All of them should make you think.

Many of the proverbs are very, very Christian in nature, but even atheists will find proverbs in this book that they will like.  So risk being offended, and read for what you can learn.

The proverbs in this book are uncompromisingly, 100% pro-life, without exceptions, making clear that abortion is murder in all circumstances, and the only way to deal with the guilt of this murder is admission of committing the murder, repentance, and forgiveness.  Without admission, repentance, and forgiveness, nations will never reach the point of absolutely abolishing abortion.  Without the absolute abolition of abortion, there will inevitably be judgment for the crime against humanity of slaughtering children.

This collection of pro-life proverbs and quotes by Gaius Famius is being presented royalty-free so that pro-lifers may use them where they need to.  Think of these as old fashioned clip art.  The buyer doesn't own the art, but may use it in their own creations to further their own projects.

These royalty-free proverbs may be used for any number of purposes, including but not limited to, Bumper Stickers, T-Shirts, Church Signs, Protest Signs, Email Signatures, Graphics, Church Bulletins, Newsletters, Church Signs, Articles and Books, Postcards, and other uses.

Some of these proverbs will only make sense in a stand alone context with the use of supporting graphics.  However, the reader should be able to understand them here since all of the proverbs are obviously in the pro-life context.  Feel free to adapt any of these proverbs to your own original graphics, and to have the final product printed at your choice of printer, or to sell through a print on demand service.

Please feel free to adapt any of these proverbs to your own graphics, as long as you remember that the proverbs in this book are royalty free and you may not copyright the proverb, but only your graphic expression of the proverb.

We would love to be able to go online and see any one proverb with dozens of artistic expressions available for those who like a certain proverb to choose from.

Some are sappy, some are direct, and others are hard truths.  Most will make you think.  Several can be turned into entire articles and books.  If God moves on you to take one of these simple proverbs, run with it, and write an entire book, or start a whole ministry, then we ask only God's blessing on the work you do.  (If you let us know about what you do with a proverb, that would be appreciated, too.)

We hope that this book proves to be of some value to you, and that you can find at least one proverb that you can use, or even provides personal edification.

We hope to publish future books with more proverbs as the years go by.

If just one proverb in this book saves the life of just one Unborn baby, then all of the work that has been put into this book has been paid for.

Since my heart was broken by the silenced voices of aborted

babies, every day I seek something to say on their behalf.36

We have missed the meaning of life if we do not understand

that every Unborn baby is unique, irreplaceable, and waiting

to be loved.196

Jesus knows how the aborted babies feel.

He was also executed for being innocent.44

Abortion never brought a smile to

the face of a little baby.364

Being pro-life is not a political platform,

but a way of life.374

Abortion is the execution of an innocent

child for the sexual sins of the parents.408

The unexpected mother needs comfort

and support, not to have a baby

murdered inside of her.545

The most dangerous

occupation in the

world is being

an Unborn baby.613