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Moses made a fiery brass serpent, and set it on a pole so that everyone who was a sinner, when he saw it, should live.  And as Moses lifted up the brass serpent in the wilderness, so was Jesus the Messiah lifted up so that everyone who is a sinner and believes in Jesus will not perish, but have eternal life.


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Unborn Survivor:

Geoff Chance

Unborn Survivor: Geoff Chance is a small companion book to Unborn and tells of many of the same events from the viewpoint of Summer's boyfriend and fiance, Geoff Chance. Revealed also are Geoff's secrets, both the ones he revealed to Summer and the ones that he kept secret, even from her. These secrets change Geoff from the man of Summer's dreams into a survivor. Along the way, this book explains Geoff's choices, and how he could possibly have reached the point where he stood face to face with Summer in the Principal's office one day and did the unthinkable.

This book is a small fictional study in how good people reach the point where they do unspeakable evils. If you think that the Holocaust can never happen again in a civilized society, then you need to read this book. Right under our noses, unseen, and unnoticed by most of us, another Holocaust is talking place daily, in the hands of many who are, “just doing my job.”

The insights into the banality of the human mind are frightful. Do any of us really know how far we would go?

Unborn Survivor: Geoff Chance is Book 1 of the companion series
Unborn Survivor, which will examine through the lives of individual Unborns, what they must do in order to survive and not be aborted for long enough to turn 18 and become a Born Person.

Geoff Chance: “But I survived. My name is Geoff Chance. I am an Unborn Survivor.”

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